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Fencing Mask

Rogue Fencing Academy

New Haven County's Premier Full Time Fencing Club

Fencing at School

The Rogue Experience

We believe in personal growth through fencing.  Our athletes learn to be independent and creative problem solvers.  While fencing is an individual sport, we create a unique team based environment that allows our athletes to be an important part of something bigger!

Our Athletes

We accept students from ages 8 and up. Our students compete Locally, Regionally, Nationally, and Internationally.  Through our unique coaching philosophies our students grow physically and mentally.  Many of our students not only compete in college, but continue fencing far beyond!

Fencer with Mask

Our Facilities

Rogue Fencing Academy is located in Woodbridge, CT.  Our fully air conditioned 2,200 square foot facility  has 5 strips plus a coaching strip and a fully stocked armory for all our repair needs.  Students also have access to a changing room and study area.

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