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Meet Our Staff

We are proud to have some of the top coaches in Connecticut at our facility.  Our coaches have trained students ranging in skill levels from beginners to World Team Members.  We are excited to share this experience with you!

Sandra Marchant

Sandra Marchant is the Head Coach and co-founder of Rogue Fencing Academy.  She is both an accomplished coach and athlete.  As an athlete, Sandra has been a multiple time national medalist, Vet 40 National Champion, and 2020 Vet 50 World Team member.  As a coach, Sandra has worked with athletes across the country since 2005.  She is excited to share her passion for fencing with you!

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Eric Soyka

Coach Eric is the Program Director and co-founder of Rogue Fencing Academy.  He also owns and operates The Phoenix Center in Poughkeepsie, NY and has been the Assistant Coach at Vassar College since 2003.  Coach Eric has trained students ranging from beginners to World Team members.  He is excited to bring his knowledge of this sport to the students here at Rogue Fencing Academy!

Luke Fenwick

Coach Luke has been fencing with Coach Sandra for over 12 years.  Luke competes for Sacred Heart University, a Division 1 Program.  Coach Luke takes care of a lot of the day to day management tasks at the club as well as running classes and lessons.  

Justin Dion

When he was an athlete, Coach Justin fenced for Sacred Heart, a Division 1 program where he competed at NCAA Championships.  From there, Coach Justin competed internationally, where he was a resident of the Olympic Training Center in Colorado, and was ranked 17th in the country.  He brings a wealth of experience as both an athlete and a coach to our program and he is excited to share that with all of you!

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