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Here you will find our membership policies for Rogue Fencing Academy.  Please make sure to review all our policies so you can make the most of your experience!

Membership Policies:

1 / Payments and Membership Hold/Drop

All memberships are required to go on Auto-Pay.  Memberships can be put on hold or dropped.  All Hold or Drop requests must be emailed to  Refunds will only be given in the event of an administrative error. 


Not showing up, texting, or talking to a coach is not sufficient to cancel a membership or initiate a hold on the account.  All drop/hold requests must be emailed.  All holds must have a start date and an end date.

2 / Class Package Duration

All class packages are good for 1 month.  Each package renews automatically on a 30/31 day cycle depending on the month.  The 4 class card for adult fencers will renew when 4 classes are used or after 30/31 days.

3 / Lesson Package Duration

All lesson packages are good for 2 months or until all lessons are used.  The card will automatically renew.  Anyone wishing to stop or put a hold on private lesson packages must send the request to

4 / USFA Membership

All club members MUST have a USA Fencing membership.  USA Fencing Memberships may be purchased here:

5 / Social Media

We will be using media taken at the club and at fencing events on our social media accounts.  By becoming a member of Rogue Fencing Academy, you agree to allow media of yourself/your athletes to be used on our social media


Class Policies:

1 / Proper Clothing

When doing drills and bouting in class settings, students who have their own gear will be expected to wear ALL equipment.  This includes knickers.  Students who do not have knickers will need a minimum of long pants for bouting and drills.

2 / Footwear

All fencers must wear sneakers.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Proper footwear is an important part of your equipment. 

3 / Class Arrival

Please do your best to arrive early to classes and lessons, so we may start our classes on time.

4 / Equipment Maintenance

Please keep your equipment clean and in good working order

5 / Class Cancellations

Class cancellations due to weather, coach  injury, sickness, etc. will be announced via email.  If it is an emergency, cancellations may be announced via text message.

Lesson Policies:

1 / Lesson Scheduling

All lessons are scheduled through Coach Luke.  To schedule a lesson please email  

2 / Student Cancellation

If you are canceling a lesson due to an emergency (sickness, injury, etc.) we will reschedule.  If you are canceling with less than 24 hour notice for a non-emergency, you will still be charged for your coach’s time.

3 / Coach Cancellation

Lesson cancellations due to weather, injury or sickness will be announced via email.  If you do not receive our emails, please let us know.  If coaches need to cancel due to an emergency they may also reach out via text.

Event Coaching  Policies:

1 / Coaching and Fees

When coaching is available, it is obligatory to all our athletes.  Coaching Fees vary depending on the event.  

2 / Coaching Team

We have a team of coaches available for our athletes from both Rogue Fencing and The Phoenix Center.  Athletes will be coached by any of our staff

3 / On Strip Interactions

Athletes are expected to maintain their composure on the strip.  If an athlete waives a coach off, you are still responsible for coaching fees

4 / Coaching Time

We will do our best to make sure each athlete gets the attention they need at an event, however there will be times that coaches need to make a choice on who they are with (DEs vs Pools, Struggling Athlete, vs Winning Athlete, etc).  Athletes and their families must respect that choice and know that we are invested in everyone’s success

5 / Equipment Maintenance

Equipment is the athlete’s responsibility.  Please make sure that you have proper equipment in good order when attending an event

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