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Fencing Programs

Our programs are designed to give our athletes the best environment for growth and development.  Our programs involve a combination of group classes, private lessons, and bouting practice.  Our programs include membership fees, classes, and open bouting.  Anyone in one of our programs also gains access to discounted private lesson packages.

Our goal is to give our fencers the most opportunity possible.  Because of this our programs include unlimited access to classes within that program.  

*Special COVID restrictions may apply

Developmental Program

This program is designed for fencers ages 8 and up.  We cover the fundamental skills needed for fencers to be prepared for local and regional competitions.  

Cost:  $150 per Month for Unlimited Access to Youth Classes

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Competitive Program

These classes are designed for athletes ages 13 and up.  Our competitive program will prepare you for local and regional tournaments.  This program focuses on correct development of technical and tactical skills required to compete.

Cost:  $150 per Month for Unlimited Access to Pre-Competitive and  Competitive Classes

Adult Fencing

These classes are for adult fencers and available as a class card.  The 30+ program is run on Friday Evenings and focuses on the development of proper technical skills in a fun, enjoyable class.  

Cost:  $150 per card.  Class Cards are good for 4 classes.


Elite Program

This program is designed for athletes looking to compete nationally.  Members of our Elite Program are expected to attend both Elite and Competitive classes as well as take a minimum of 8 Private lessons per month.  

Cost:  $400 per Month for Unlimited Access to Elite and Competitive Classes as well as 8 private lessons per month.

Private Lessons

*Must have a minimum of Open Bouting Membership in order to purchase lesson packages.

Open Bouting

Open Bouting is available as a membership option or a drop-in rate.

Open Bouting Membership:

$80 per month

Drop-In Rate

$20 per session

Private Lessons are available for members and non-members.  

Member Rates*:

4 Pack of Lessons: $120

8 Pack of Lessons: $200

Non-Member Rates:

Single Lesson: $50

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